Dell C521 will not turn on

September 7, 2008 at 08:54:36
Specs: Winxp, AMD Athlon 64 &
The unit was running during thunder storm. There was a power failure during the storm and electrical power was lost in the area. When the power returned and the unit would not turn on.

I have read through a number of posts on the various forums looking for help.

Here is what I have done so far
1. When the power button is pushed in there is a audible click click. (from Dell forum)
2. When the power button is pushed in the is no response, no fan no hard drive nothing.
3. When the power button is pushed in the is momentary flashing of the light ( sorry unable determine color). The light just blinks on then off as the button is pushed.
4. When the plug is plugged into the power supply there is a amber light on the MB with the label AUX PWR LED
5. I have removed all the connections and resetted them.
6. I have tested the power supply with one of those plug in type which give a go/no go lights. All of the lights come on except for the -5v. There is no list of a -5v on the power supply.
7. The led light on the front panel below the USB ports also do not turn on.

The tester is used is an older model of the this one mine does not have the newer connection only the older types 20 pin, 4 pin PATA, 4 pin fan and floppy

PW tester: Thermaltakeusa » Power Supply » Accessory » Dr. Power : Dr. Power A2358

I also see that their are replacement unit sold on E-bay for about $30. Since money is tight around here I would rather hold off spending it until all other suggestes are tryed out.

I did see the suggestion about using a wire to short out the connector, I have not done this yet. (from Dell forum)

Question: I know that the shape of the supply rules out a normal ATX power supply, but does the unit use standard ATX power pin out for the 24 pin connector?

Question: Would it be possible to use a 20 pin power supply with an adapter 20-24 pin to test the motherboard?

So this is what I have done so far any additional suggestions?

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September 7, 2008 at 13:26:48
Firstly, is the system still covered under Dell's warranty? If so, you should be able to get a Warranty replacement for the Power Supply.

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September 7, 2008 at 21:49:22
. . .But don't tell them it went out during a power outage in a storm.

A cable like this:

should work as long as the motherboard has a standard 24-pin atx socket. (I think some newer PCs--maybe HP?--are using a smaller proprietary socket.)

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September 9, 2008 at 14:44:09
Thanks for the replies.
In fact I did get the cable, and tried it with another power supply.
When the orginal power supply was plugged in I would get a light flashing on the mb and the on/off switch would flash, this did not happen when I used the 20-24 adapter. No lights in either place flashed.

And I did check with Dell and it was still under waranty they sent out a new mb and power supply after over the phone diagnostic was done.

Thank very much I had assumed that my daughter and son in law had already check this out. But I guess I was wrong .

Thanks again

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