Computer will not come on when button pushed

Dell / DIMENSION 8400
May 15, 2009 at 20:36:49
Specs: Windows XP Pro
I recently rebooted my computer after a storm. I had shut it down earlier and forgot to turn off my external drive.

When I rebooted, I got an error screen which said it was checking the file system on the external drive. The file system is FAT32. The Volume is dirty. It said windows was verifying files and folders and showed a percentage.

This has happened a few times before, so I let it run the check and then it boots fine.

This time I decided to pull my laptop out and in doing so turned around in my chair which hit the on/off button on the tower.

I think I unplugged the drive then and tried to reboot. I got nothing. I checked the cords and made sure everything was plugged in, plugged the external back in and still nothing.

Although this would seem more like a power supply problem, as it happened when I tried to reboot, I wondered if it might be something else.

Any suggestions?

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May 15, 2009 at 20:57:35
My guess is the power supply too but here are some things I would try in any order you want.

Open the box, disconnect & reconnect the plug from the power supply to the mother board.

Make sure nothing else is lose.

Make sure that the monitor didn't happen to blow at the same time. Look at lights on the keyboard to see if they flash once. If they flash, try a different monitor.

Make sure that there is juice in the wall outlet &/or power strip. Plug a light or fan in to check it.

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