Computer shuts down

June 17, 2006 at 07:46:59
Specs: win98, athlon k7 500MHz / 196mb
OK my desktop starts up normally, but then anywhere from 2-5min the computer just powers off, no warning. Everythings new on my computer except the psu and drives. So, easy answer, what you thinks the problem?

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June 17, 2006 at 07:59:45
No blue screens? Just shuts down without warning? Could be the power supply or an overheating there a shutdown temp setting in the BIOS?

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June 17, 2006 at 13:16:34
Your old PS may not have enough capacity for your combo of new components, and/or the PS may be defective, or at least unable to handle the new larger load on it.
Go into the bios Setup and look at the +12, +5, and +3.3 values - they should be within 10% of those values, and be stable - that is, they should not change much as the PS and computer warms up. Your VCC (cpu core voltages(s)) should be within 5% of what it's (they are) supposed to be. It (they) should be very stable.
Even if you do not see any improper voltages, your PS may be still be inadequate or defective.

Also check to see whether the PS is getting hot rather than just warm in a short time.

You may have installed the heatsink on the cpu improperly and it is overheating in a short time - depending on settings in the bios that you can or can't change, the mboard may shut down when the cpu gets too hot, or the cpu itself may shut down all on its own, to protect the cpu. Boot up and go into the bios Setup and watch the current temps for a while - the cpu temp should rise slowly if the computer has been off long enough to cool down, or very slowly or not at all if the computer is already as warm as it gets, then eventually stabalize at a reasonable value, well below the critical temperature. If the temp does not eventually stabilize and continues to rise, either the heatsink is not installed properly, or the cpu fan is inadequate - it will rise more slowly if it is the cpu fan.
Even if you do not see any improper voltages, your PS may be still be inadequate or defective.

Many recent mboards must have a three wire fan for the cpu, connected to the proper 3 pin header for the cpu - on some if the mboard hardware monitoring chipset detects the rpm is too slow or not spinning, depending on settings in the bios, the mboard may shut down automatically. If you have a fan that spins slower than the hardware monitoring expects, it's rpm may be detected as zero or some other improper value - if you are sure it is spinning at a speed that is normal for that fan, you may have to turn off any protective actions in the bios to do with that rpm of that fan. If you want to monitor the rpm of a 3 wire fan the harware monitoring chip(s) does (do) not detect properly, get yourself a freeware third party mboard monitoring utility in which the rpm monitoring can be adjusted (most of them can be) that runs in Windows.

In rare cases, even if you do not see any temps that are way too high and the temp stabalizes okay, the cpu may be defective, or the mboard may be defective.

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June 18, 2006 at 12:40:54
Thanks tubesandwires ill try out your suggestion. i have an cool running athlon64 chipset and i heard they can run fine even really hot. like i said there's no warning (no slowdown,lockup,message). i think all the dirt/dust has finally gotten to the psu.

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