compaq laptop will not turn on

Hp presario / V5204nr
March 13, 2009 at 20:33:32
Specs: Windows Vista

How to start a compaq laptop that will not turn on

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March 13, 2009 at 22:20:52

Have you spilled any liquid on the laptop, or exposed it to liquid such as rain, since it last worked properly? (It doesn't matter if it was not running - it could still have been damaged, if the main battery was installed at the time.)

Have you dropped the laptop, or subjected it to a physical jolt otherwise, since it last worked properly?

Have you just changed which ram you have installed, and then the computer would not boot?

Did you attempt to flash the bios, then the computer would not boot?

The mandatory requirements before you try anything else are the main battery must be installed, it must work correctly, and there must be nothing wrong with the AC adapter or it's connection to the laptop.

-Your model is recent enough the main battery must be installed - it won't start up on the AC adapter alone.
- The main battery must be capable of being charged up to at least a minimal capacity.
- The main battery does not last forever. Typically it works as it should for a year or so then begins to deteriorate - by the second year it can't be charged to anywhere near it's rated capacity. It gets worse as time goes by. Older batteries often develop internal shorts that makes it impossible for them to produce the voltage they're supposed to produce (you can test for that with a volt meter), and they may get HOT when you attempt to charge them for a while, rather than a little warm, or they may never get warm at all.
- If you haven't replaced it since the computer was new, this model is old enough the main battery should be replaced!

There must be nothing wrong with the AC adapter or it's connection to the laptop - if there is, the main battery cannot be charged properly.
A common thing people do when they unplug the AC adapter is to pull on the cord rather than the plug on the end of the cord as they are supposed to do. Doing that eventually damages the plug and/or the wiring near the plug, and over a longer period of time, doing that damages the jack in the laptop the plug plugs into.
The jack in the laptop should move when you wiggle the plug in the jack.

Most laptops have an led that lights up only when the AC adapter is plugged in, there's nothing wrong with the AC adapter or it's connection to the laptop, and the AC adapter is charging the battery. That led should come on at least briefly when you unplug the plug from the AC adapter, then plug it back into the laptop jack, even if the main battery is fully charged. The led should not blink on and off randomlyIwhen you wiggle the plug in the jack. If that led never comes on, there is something wrong with the AC adapter or it's connection to the laptop, or the main battery is shorted (check it's voltage). If that led never goes out even after a long time, the main battery is probably no good - replace the main battery.
The plug on the AC adapter cord can be replaced, but if you damaged it by pulling on the cord you will probably continue to do that at least part of the time, so since a plug molded onto the cord stands up to abuse a lot longer than a replacement plug, it's often a better idea to replace the cord from the AC adapter to the laptop if it can be unplugged at the AC adapter (a laptop repair place may stock that), or if that can't be done or you can't find that part, replace the AC adapter.
The jack on the laptop can usually be replaced but that requires taking apart the laptop and careful removal and replacement of the jack. A laptop repair place does that sort of thing frequently, and often have the more common jacks in stock, though they may have to order one.

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