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October 25, 2009 at 19:09:01
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Hi to all.
The PSU on one of my computers just died.
I'm using a low budget OEM crappy PSU for a couple of days until I buy a new one.
I'm going with Halfmman 700W or NOX 700W.

I'm choosing Halfmman and NOX because of the price, i'm on a low budget and these are the best I can afford right now.

What you guys think?
Halfmman vs NOX.

Thanks to all.

Once upon a time the floppy disk was king.

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October 25, 2009 at 21:33:39
I think we need your system specs before anything can be recommended.

Never heard of either psu. Post some links to that stuff including prices.

You should be looking for a non modular, single +12v rail, 80+ certified psu.

Read all this's important.

I imagine you can actually buy a good psu for what you're gonna spend on the units you named.


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October 26, 2009 at 07:13:06
Skip recently made a comment about power supplies in a different thread that was something to the effect of: "why is it that people have no problem dropping $100 or more for a video card but when it comes to a power supply, they only wanna spend $20-25?"

The power supply is the most important component in the system. It is NOT the place to be cutting corners. I never heard of "Halfmman 700W or NOX 700W". I tried google & all the Halfmman hits were in Portugese but I was able to find the NOX (Apex) PSU:

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October 26, 2009 at 16:45:09
Here are the specs for both PSU:

Halfmman 700 Watts:

+3.3v - 28A
+5v - 28A
+12v1 - 20A
+12v2 - 20A
+12v3 - 20A
-12v - 0.8A
+5vsb - 2.5A

Nox Urano 500 Watts:

+3.3V - 23A
+5V - 28A
+12V1 - 17A
+12V2 - 18A
-12 - 0.6A
+5VSB 2.0A

In the first post I said both 700W thats was a mistake the Nox is just 500W.

The machine that lost the PSU is:

P4 Prescott 3.2Ghz LGA775
2GB DDR400 (4 x 512MB)
Sata HDD and 2 IDE DVD drives.

The new PSU will go to this machine or the new PSU go to my Core 2 Duo 4500
Sata HDD and 2 IDE DVD drives.
2GB DDR2 800 (2 x 1GB)

And the Qtec 650Watts will go to the prescott.

What you guys think?
Halfmman or NOX?
And the new PSU to the Prescott or to the Core 2?

Thanks to all.

Once upon a time the floppy disk was king.

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