Cant install windows from SATA DVD drive

Gigabyte / P55-ud5
September 24, 2009 at 06:59:52
Specs: Windows 7
Ok i've just upgraded my system
with the following bits

Cooler Master HAF32
Intel I7 860 2.8ghz Quad Core
2x2gb Viper Patriot 1600mhz (only runs at 1066)

and i took from my old system
Auzentech Prelude 7.1 sound card
Gigabyte 8800 Ultra 756mb GDDR3
2x500GB SATA II Barracuda HD's
2xPioneer Dual Layer DVD RW Drives
(SATA, can't recall if they were only sata or sata 2 on the drives it only shows the sata logo)

Now first off it wouldn't even turn on, but i somehow managed to fix that somehow, though i didn't change anything

then it refused to boot from the DVD drive at all. would jsut hang when it got to the bit Booting from CD, b4 it asks whether you want it to

Turned out for whatever reason the HD's have to be on the SATA2 section and the DVD Drives have to be on the GSATA slots.

Now i can boot into my copy of windows from the old system thats on the SSD drive, took a few attempts and Safe mode repeatedly to get in but i got in, managed to install some drivers from the Gigabyte mobo disk and now that works ok.

However i want to reinstall windows anyway due to clutter.

herein lies my problem

The install starts ok with the white bar going across and starting install, then it goes to the windows logo - Starting Windows and thats as far as it gets the Drive stops spinning, and the logo eventually stops fluctuating after a few mins

Anyone who has this board give me some tips if you have a similar setup on how to actually boot off cd/dvd.

and the other problem like so many people have said the memory only seems to work at 1066 even though it's rated to acccept 1600mhz memory and i am using that speed memory,

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September 24, 2009 at 07:04:17
Oh i forgot to mention, in case anyone suggested it may have been the copy of windows i was using,

Alas no, i tried my copy of Vista ultimate too and XP Pro, they all do the same thing stop just b4 actually getting to the setup process.

So it has to be some sort of read conflict on the DVD Drives, though they work fine on my old system, which was a 900series socket Gigabyte board,

Thanx in advance

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September 25, 2009 at 15:54:49
I'ce coe across a conclusion, which is not the fault of the Drives as such

the Pioneer DVR-212'sx2 i have are old SATA so the mobo refuses to run them in anthing other than IDE mode, now the problem with that is the ICH98 Sata Intel channels work best in ACHI mode and are for HD's only

the GSATA and ESata also don't support Optical Drives stable and definately not CD's

God knows why this is so stressfull i have a P5-UD4 and they use similar SATA chipsets (older but similar) and the drives worked fine on that board plugged into any sata slot slow but fine

THis is also compunded by the fact that if you change fro ACHI to IDE mode in the BIOS windows won't work without a reinstall even with Windows Repair. :(

Guess i have to go out and buy a IDE Burner :(

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