boots fine, but no display

Compaq / S6200cl
June 11, 2009 at 16:22:42
Specs: Windows XP, althalon xp 2800/1.5gig ram

I bought a visiontek redeon x1300 xge for agp(yes, i no this card is old, but hey my com is older!) card in november, worked great until I started to clean my computer(which I do monthly), Up until the last few months of cleaning it has made quite a lot of unusual noise at the starup. But that is not the main problem, today when I finished cleaning the computer, plugged in everything checked it 4x, the monitor gave no signal. After that I unplugged everything, and I mean everything, and replugged them, still no signal. I am using the dvi to vga adaptor that came with the card, could this be the problem? I am positive there is nothing wrong with the monitor because I have another vga monitor which works perfectly that did not work on the computer with the installed card. Also, to check that the card is powered, I turned on the computet with the lid off, and the fan was working fine, so it is properly powered.

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June 11, 2009 at 16:46:16
Boots fine?? The fact that fans are spinning only means the PSU is supplying 12v. It must supply several other voltages at sufficient current for the motherboard to function. Now, if you hear the characteristic single beep after which the hard drive begins its chatter and its LED on the panel flashes then maybe it is booting and you only have a video problem.

Either way, try another video card. It doesn't have to be anything fancy--just something to see if you're getting a posting screen. If you do then the problem is with your old card or its connections.

Otherwise you have a PSU, motherboard and/or CPU problem. Both visually and mentally go back over everything you did while inside the case. Make sure the cpu and its heatsink and fan are firmly attached. Make sure the 12v ATX cable is attached--if applicable.

Oh, and if you have an on-board video adapter try it too.

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June 11, 2009 at 17:17:06
Did you happen to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the insides? If so you may have killed some of the sensitive electronics. Vacuums produce static electricity.

If that isn't the problem then you may have loosened up a component or some cables. Re-seat everything with power unplugged.

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