Bios only accessible after Cmos reset

August 23, 2009 at 01:24:06
Specs: Windows XP, AMD Phenom IIx4 950

I built my first computer this week and first I couldn't seem to get it to boot all fans and everything would turn on...motherboard itself wouldn't boot at all... this same thing happened with my old computer the reason I needed to replace it. Every part in my PC is new but my Ram as of now.

After a CMOS Reset I was finally able to access bios and boot my HDD with an OS. After turning off my computer I was able to start it up again.. but if I tried to go into BIOS again the problem from before would happen once more... no monitor signal doesn't attempt to boot.

My motherboard is a DFI JR 790GX-M2RS

I'm lost I don't know what it could be... also I'm having a problem with my CD-ROM IDE connected at first it wouldn't read... reconnected all my cables and this time it would read... but if I had a CD in the Drive it would stall the boot up of my OS. it will freeze at the "Starting Windows" Loading screen if I eject the CD it will move with ease to the next screen. I did not however want to run this HDD as my master the Motherboard picked it because it had an OS I assumed. so I disconnected it and tried to load Windows 7 from my DVD and when I got to the "Starting Windows" load screen again the same thing happened. I tried to install once more and left the CD spinning on the starting windows screen thinking... oh its just taking a while to to start up.. left the room for 10 minutes came back in to see my CD drive's light indicating it was spinning and reading turn off and it then went to the next screen of the installation but wouldn't do anything but Freeze

I'm lost it can't be something on the hard drive because this one is blank is it possibly my CD drive?... I'm using new IDE Cables as well

I'm at wit's end I dont' know what to do... I've spent hours researching trying to fix this myself.

Edit: I'm at work and can't give total specs at the moment either. sorry

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August 23, 2009 at 07:34:32
"I'm at work and can't give total specs at the moment either"

If you're not gonna list your complete specs in detail, you're wasting your time & our's....

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