932 haf / 9800 gx2

April 15, 2009 at 18:07:12
Specs: Windows 7, Q9450/ 4GB Corsair RAM
Hi all.

From my subject line, inside of my 932 HAF case I have a BFG GeForce 9800 GX2 graphics card. Cable management is great inside the HAF case, so, nothing is restricting my air flow.

As you probably know, the GX2 is like two GPU's sandwiched into one "brick", and, it can generate quite a bit of heat. The HAF case has four massive fans. The front and the side fans are intake fans, blowing air into the case. The rear and ceiling/ roof fans are exhaust, sucking the air out.

The ambient temp for me is around 20 to 25C. When I check the temps on my GX2, they're usually around the high 60'sC when system is idle. The fan speed is around 45%. I've seen posts around the 'Net with people claiming to get in the 40's to mid 50's with a GX2 when idle. I use EVGA Precision to monitor my GX2 card. And, I know, I can always increase my fan speed using this tool.

But shouldn't I be getting lower idling temps? This GX2 is a brand new card; I just had it RMA'd recently and this is the new one now in my system.

I came across a post over on Overclock.net about someone who reversed the direction of their side case fan to help with temps on a GX2; here's the link:


They seem to think that turning the side case fan from an intake to an exhaust will help, because the GX2 has those side fins that blow out heated air, and if the side case fan is blowing in, then it kind of defeats the purpose when these two "air flows" meet. Do you think there's anything to this? Should I try reversing the direction of my side case fan?

Or how about this: The HAF case's manual shows that if you want you can replace the fans that the case comes with with multiple fans instead of the "big" ones it comes with. What do you think of replacing the 230mm side case fan with four 120mm fans?

I just think I should be getting lower temps for my GX2: It's brand new, my ambient temps aren't too high, I've got good cable management for good air-flow from front to back, and the letters "HAF" stand for High Air Flow.

Please let me know what you think. Should I try the side fan direction reversal thing, from intake to exhaust? Replace the one 230mm fan with four 120mm fans?

Thanks for your input!

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April 19, 2009 at 10:54:45

my gaming pc runs a pny 9800gx2 that runs very toasty
and the fan can scream when i bench tested it on 3dmark 06
maxed out settings. Yes it gets very hot about 60C +
Nvidia made a poor design, and thats it,
Swapping fans around probably invalidates the warranty.
(check how long its valid for.)

also ive yet to see any aftermarket cooling mods for them as they were short lived in the world of marketing that is.

The ideal air flow through a case is from front to back, i found only one solution that works & thats no side on the case.

One thing ive noticed on power off after say a gaming session the psu continues to run the gx2 fan until cold i suspect theres some thermal cut off somewhere,, have you noticed this on your gx2?

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April 19, 2009 at 11:17:48
I am of the opinion that side case fans are not a good idea at all. If they are ducted directly to the CPU then you need to keep them. Otherwise I think they disturb the airflow.

The best solution for good cooling IMO is to use a full tower case. That way, the PSU is above the board and you can get exhaust fans right behind the board in the rear of the case.

If you have a open 5 1/4 drive bay in the front you could try removing the knockout to see if that will allow more air up high by the graphics cards.

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April 22, 2009 at 21:03:43
1stepbeyond & OtheHill: Thanks for the replies.

Yeah, I heard the GX2 runs a bit toasty as a rule; I just don't know what "average" toasty is. BFG Tech claims about 55 to 60C degrees. I'm sure ambient temps affect this too; if you're in a cool part of the country, well then.....

I'm in a warm part of Arizona, but, I also have air conditioning.

And when I mentioned swapping the fans, I meant the case fans, not the fan in the GX2 card itself. I don't think it voids a warranty if I change the case fan.

And 1stepbeyond: You say your PSU continues to run your GX2 after a gaming session? Well of course the PSU is still going to supply power; that doesn't stop. I have noticed, of course, that the fan in the GX2 is usually sped up after a long gaming session, but this is "normal", as the GX2 gets quite a workout from certain games.

I had my GX2 RMA'd recently, and this one's fan speed gets to about mid 50's to about 60% fan speed. My previous card was getting to 100% max fan speed after just a few minutes of gaming; something wrong there!!

And OtheHill: My 932 HAF case is a full-tower case; good airflow, cable management, and two exhaust fans and two intake.

In the future I might try four 120mm fans on the side of the case instead of the one 230mm fan. I'll try two fans as intake, and two fans as exhaust. I'd just like this GX2 to be a little less toasty; I'd at least like to get in the lower 60'sC


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April 23, 2009 at 02:10:21

so "average" toasty = about 60C ie just touchable, during games, normal use it doesnt get above warm to the touch a bit descriptive
(According to everest home edition & rivatuner both gpus are at 70C during current normal desktop use.)

ive had the gx2 hotter as i couldnt touch the graphics card case hence i have the side off the computer case, i use 120mm fan on the rear of the pc (as in Othehill suggestion,) a while ago & opened the front of the pc case, unfortunately it didnt make a lot of difference.

the graphics card fan does increase its speed during intensive games.

"You say your PSU continues to run your GX2 after a gaming session? Well of course the PSU is still going to supply power;"

what i meant was after the pc is shutdown!

(i think this is a fault tho as no one else seems to be able to recreate this , or its a thermal cut off on the psu / gpu i dont know.)

After 3dmark06 and crysis temps didnt change( rivatuner= 73C) , one point, im running new nvidia driver big difference in crysis seen, very playable.

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