3 beeps at startup No video

E machine / T3604
May 28, 2009 at 20:18:58
Specs: Vista
Im running an Emachines t3604 and today i bought 2 1g ram cards 240pin and a 9500gt video card, i installed both while computer was powered down. but when i tried to boot up i got 3 beeps and no video, i turned off the computer removed the 9500 gt tried to boot up again still got the beeps i then tried to remove the ram and put in the old ram i had prior and i still got 3 beeps. i've tried to reset the bios by removing the batter but still no help.. someone please help.


EDIT: When i move 1 ram card to another slot and boot up i get no beeps. but i still get no image on monitor. I also might not be reseting bios properly all im doing is removing the battery for 10mins and putting it back in.

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May 29, 2009 at 08:38:52
3 beeps generally indicates a memory problem.

There is no reason to reset the BIOS, but to do it correctly, you need to unplug the power cord 1st, then either use the clearCMOS jumper or remove the battery for a few seconds...that's all it takes.

You said the PC was powered down when you installed the hardware...was it unplugged? If not, there was still power to the board. You should ALWAYS unplug the power cord whenever doing anything inside the case.

Which type of RAM did you get? Crucial recommends DDR2-667. And I gotta ask, why did you get a 9500GT when there are so many better cards in the same price range? It's definitely an upgrade from the onboard video, but it's not a good gaming card.

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