Old mechwarrior game incompatible with XP

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July 23, 2009 at 01:08:43
Specs: Windows XP
hey guys
i recently dug up an old but very great game Mechwarrior 3 from my abyss of old games
installed it and tried to play it, turns out it's kind of incompatible with XP

now i'm sure a fix or workaround is possible, but i just don't know enough to figure it out, so i'm hoping someone here is willing to share some insights

most people i found on google have problems installing the game on XP, but mine worked fine.
however my problem comes when i try to play the game. the game offers 2 rendering modes, software and hardware.

when i try software mode, the game runs good graphically, but everything is sped up like 3X! i tried using one of those programs that slows your CPU down but it just makes the game kinda laggish, but still at the same speed.

with Hardware render, i'd get these square artifacts all over my screen whenever i look at the sky or any special effects, so i can't see anything that's happening

I've tried turning on compatibility mode for the .exe file, still the same problem. i also tried installing and running microsoft's Virtual PC(running Windows95), i can run software render that way and it'll look fine, but the physics goes haywire, mechs and vehicles bouncing everywhere.

I'm hoping some of you still play this game, or atleast know a solution to play it
it's such a shame to lose the ability to play older games when we UPgrade

Thanks in advance

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July 24, 2009 at 20:00:21
Hey man, go to Mechwarrior3.org and ask this in the help forums. I and other members will get you playing in no time. The other members will help you out better there than I can here.

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