Low FPS with World of Warcraft

Does it really matter? AK
October 15, 2007 at 09:54:38
Specs: XP pro, p4@2.8Ghz/1gig

I am havng a low FPS problem (I can get a FPS of 10-12,
never more) and the CPU is a P4 @ 2.8Ghz. I have a Nvidia
GeForce 256Mb AGP Graphics card (forget the exact
model right now though it is a supported WoW card). I
have 1Gig of RAM. HTT is turned off (didnt help at all), all
the correct ports are open. I dont have a heating issue. Nothing
unnecessary is running in the background like IE7.0 or
anything. My internet connection is DSL fast....I'm just
stumped. This box should be just screaming FPS.

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October 15, 2007 at 15:00:27

"Manufacturer/Model: Does it really matter?"

Yes it matters, that's why it's asked.

"I have a Nvidia GeForce 256Mb AGP Graphics card (forget the exact model right now though it is a supported WoW card)"

It would definitely help if you listed the make/model of your card. The make/model of your motherboard wouldn't hurt either. And remember, there are minimum requirements & recommended requirements:


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October 15, 2007 at 23:13:49

K, so the motherboard is a FB77 (part of the SB77G5 Shuttle xpc box and the Graphics card is a Geforce Fx5600. So tonight, I got decent FPS when I was in instances, like, 40-60, but anywhere outside the instances, it just plain sucked (the 10-15 range). I updated my CPU drivers, Nvidia graphics card divers, AND my audio drivers (which did more harm than good but I was able to roll back). I turned my HTT back on since that didnt make a diference at all. I changed my BIOS settings to AGP 256, though I think 128 would be probably have been fine. hmm..what else can I add here....

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October 17, 2007 at 08:30:44

i would say more mem i know the game is mem intensive. shut all background tasks off. see if the hard disk is chugging away. the graphics card should be enough but then again. i had a 6800 ti and it played wow at full frame and and i think it was 1024 by somehting at a constant 24fps.

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google it! wasnt the answer to the question i asked so dont be dense and give me that repl

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October 17, 2007 at 10:59:14

I really dont think its the amount of memory. I have friends who run 512Mb and say the runs just fine. Of course...I dont know what they consider to be "just fine". So new update, I uninstalled a multimedia driver that didnt seem to be doing anything and also uninstalled an audio driver that was running when I booted the computer. That fixed some frame rate issues. I'm now getting roughly 17-25 (eh...I guess thats better). From everything I read though, if I do a large(er) raid group, my FPS will drop to an unmanagable < 10 FPS.

I do, however, still get a crappy (but slightly beter 12-15 FPS when in Outlands (the latest release). Something is definetly still wrong. Does the type of memory and speed of it matter?

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October 19, 2007 at 13:52:07

The answer to your problem is simple. The FPS you're getting is about average with a system like that. The FX5600 is a very weak video card however, the FX series were completely horrible IMO, so I suggest you upgrade the video card..

World of Warcraft is very CPU/Mem intensive but upgrading the video card will give you a bit more FPS. I'll point out though, that even with a much better video card your FPS will still lower to the 20-30 area time to time,(like Shattrath, or AV for an example). To improve your FPS significantly you will most likely have to upgrade your PC altogether, a faster processor being the major upgrade.

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October 19, 2007 at 14:16:36

So what Graphics card is recommended then? I have an AGP slot. Would a dual core Xeon 1.7gig be a better CPU? I think I have one of those laying around....not sure what the MBoard is though...It was used as a server system and the case is simply MASSIVE. I doubt the graphics card on that is any good though.

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October 19, 2007 at 14:42:56

Is this what you have?(or similar)

If it is, then yes, yes its worth upgrading to that. For the GPU, the best graphics card for around $150 is the x1950 Pro, which has AGP8x and PCIx16 versions. If you really do have a Dual-Core Xeon then it most likely has PCIx16 support depending on the motherboard(check and make sure), and if it does, its worth using that PC instead, and upgrade to a PCIx16 video card. Since AGP8x is a dieing technology, its more future-proof to get a PCIx16 video card now.

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October 25, 2007 at 07:46:29

Ok, so that big ass computer with the xeon processor setup is a Precision 530 from Dell with only 1 64 bit PCI slot @66Mhz. Do I really want to use that computer? I dont think thats PCI-E or PCI-X. I couldnt see anywhere on the MB what kind of MB she is, but there's definetly 2 CPUs in there and I didnt want to take the heatsinks off just to see if the CPUs were in fact xeon. So besides all that, this computer is still going to be a better computer? I was thinking it might be a better deal to just buy a new computer from like Best(worst)buy or something. Any thoughts?

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November 19, 2007 at 22:01:53

I have the same problem you do blick. don't buy a new video card yet.
I have a P4 2.8ghz processor, a 9800 pro video card, 512mb of ram. The ram is a problem, i know. in cities it tops out the physical ram.
I did notice though that my processor is reciprocating between about 20% and 100%. when it hits 100% it get some lag.
i found there was absolutely nothing i could do to improve fps. i was getting unbearable fps at min settings and almost the same at max.
I play this game also on a core duo laptop with 1gb of ram and an internal video card and i get 20fps with everything turned down and that's good enough to play on.
i think the problem lies in the processor. it's a scary thought because it's so expensive but avoid getting a new video card imo.

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November 20, 2007 at 07:57:06

Bah. I'm getting a new computer with an Intel Q6600 quad core, 4Gb of ram, and the 8800 Geforce Nvidea card. Its time to get a new computer anyway. single core processors are a thing of tha past apparently. :)

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