Can i Play Sims2 on this laptop???

August 3, 2006 at 13:42:30
Specs: XP home edition, 256MB

Hi im thinkin about gettin the Asus A6KM-Q035 laptop i am wondering if this laptop would be able to play the Sims 2 properly.
Thankx Chris
P.S the graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 TurboCache supporting 256MB, also any1 who knows anyfin about laptops cud u tell me if it was a good laptop in general.

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August 3, 2006 at 15:40:46

i would say it will be lag as hell although the video card is ok.
1st, ram is too low.
2nd, what is the CPU speed.

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August 3, 2006 at 16:38:21

I suggest you read up on the 7300's better than standard onboard video but it's still not great for gaming.

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August 3, 2006 at 18:28:06

OK, thank you 4 comments. do u know any laptops that wud be best 2 play the sims2 on that dont weigh a ton?

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August 3, 2006 at 18:29:36

Are you willing to spend $1500 or so?

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August 3, 2006 at 18:32:12

im not 2 sure wot the cpu speed is it has CPU: AMD Mobile Turion 64 MT32

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August 3, 2006 at 18:34:13

I think id spend up 2 $1,100. $1,200 at most
but it depends on my money income so i might spend a bit more

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August 3, 2006 at 21:39:03

are you gonna get laptop for gaming or just for sim2? you know a $1200 gaming laptop is pretty much a crap.

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August 3, 2006 at 22:42:00

the MT32 is 1.8ghz which is fine. AMD rates their cpu's diff then intels the 32 means it will equal that of a pentium 4m mobile chip at 3.2ghz, but considering intel doesn't make a mobile chip that is based on the pentium 4m mobile that fast then we will never know for sure if it could or not.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ OC 2.7ghz
2GB Dual Channel DDR 3200
Nvidia 7900GT
SATA II 2x 200gig 7200rpm 16mb cache RAID-0
Gigabyte Nforce 4 SLI

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August 6, 2006 at 18:54:35

Well, if $1,000 - $1,200 is your budget, which is a little low for a good gaming laptop, I suggest checking

I'm not 100% sure about their laptops, but I know they sell solid gaming PCs that are very affordable, so you could see if their laptops run as low. If not, it's time to do some research. A lot of the lesser-known PC vendors run cheaper because they don't advertise as much.

Another option is to be patient and check up on Dell occasionally. It's not the greatest, in my opinion, but they have new deals nearly everyday.

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