Soundmax and sis 964

June 16, 2007 at 10:05:11
Specs: xp pro sp2, unknown, 512mb ram

Gota stuation here where i can't get any soundmax drivers to work with this comp that i'm sorting out?
Basicly, its a custom box so i can't go onto any company to dl drivers. I've had a google for soundmax, and they all seem to be for spasifi computers; i tried hp and dell so far.
One thing that i was thiking of doing was copying the drivers from another box (as far as i kno everythings the same inside) and dumping them on the no sound box.
I copied /windows/inf and /windows/system32/drivers, only the 2nd directory didn't copy onto the target because "files were in use".
I did device manager and updated the unknown sound from c:\windows\inf and it found something, but its asking for some .sys files before it gets installed, which i don't have?
The mb has a sis 964 chipset, which i looked for drivers for after none of the soundmax ones installed, but i couldn't find them on
I don't usually have this problem as i have my unattended xp install intergrate driver packs which usually cover a situation like the above.

Really REally would be greatfull for any pointers regarding soundmax drives and or how to copy drivers from the other comp.

Chears, BEN.

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June 16, 2007 at 11:25:57
Sorry for the typoes in my last post, it was writen in quite a hurry.

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June 16, 2007 at 14:28:42
SoundMax has bugger all to do with SiS (who are themselves a manufacturer of LAN/USB and mobo chipsets), it is an on-board sound chip which adheres to AC97 specification, manufactured by Analog Devices:

The drivers are customised specifically by the motherboard manufacturer and if you could find the manaufacturer of the mobo you would find the drivers under the mobo model number. XP does not find these drivers under automatic updates, and trying to copy accross from another PC is plainly silly as there are several files located in different system folders/sub folders etcetc.

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