Ms-dos(r) 6.20

January 8, 2010 at 22:39:58
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How do I find and veiw forgotten files.
on MS-DOS (R) 6.20

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January 9, 2010 at 12:27:23

I tried to go to this site .it said bad URL.

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January 9, 2010 at 20:38:42

Not sure what you mean by 'forgotten'. If you mean hidden files you do a dir/a:h in the directory in which the files are located.

If you mean deleted files you can use the undelete command, as long as they haven't be overwritten, in the directory in which they were located.

Deleting a file in dos only deletes the first letter of the file name. So undelete will show the file minus its original first letter and allow you to supply a letter to restore the file.

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January 10, 2010 at 19:24:11

Thank you for youre help . whats happening is I bought an ps3 with 250mb hard disc to down load my dvd collection on to and replace my dead presario 2500 .After buying it I found out itsnot that simple .I need a pc to reformat the dvds to the ps3.So I bought this old used pc to give it a whirl so to speak.New problem I dont have even the fogiest idea how to operate an 1983 cobra with MS-DOS(R) 6.20 .not to mention I have less than 2 solid months of computer experience. And if this isnt ehough now the pc will not go to the page were you enter the commands.

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January 10, 2010 at 20:15:51

I think you probably mean it's a 250 gig drive. That's 1000 times larger than a 250 meg drive. If it is a 250 meg drive you certainly aren't going to get any DVD's copied to it

Any version of dos is going to be useless with a 250 gig drive. Dos 6 versions only work on drives up to 2 gig. Even the dos that comes with windows 98 is pretty much helpless with drives larger than about 120 gig.

I take it you have some regular DVD movies and want to play them on a PS3 but found their format won't play on a PS3? So you need something like this:

but don't have a compatible computer to use it with?

You should first check whatever software product you plan on using to do that and see what it needs as far as the operating system, cpu, ram and hard drive. I'm sure you'll need at least XP, quite a bit of ram and good sized hard drive.

In affect, it's going to cost you more to convert the movies to a PS3 format than it is to just buy another computer and use its DVD drive to watch the movies.

At least I think that's what you're trying to do.

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January 10, 2010 at 23:26:54

I can watch dvds etc on the ps3. I live in the desert to much sand and dust. I can protect my equipment from it but my shelfs and living area is imposible . So my playstation is an ideal place to store dvds without loading and unloading dust into my blue ray discplayer I keep my net flix disk in it. beside that the ps3 will not copy to its hard disk the media it plays . It requires a pc etc to play and reformat the media so it can be stored on the ps3s hard disc. I can get the software for the job I can not however aford some high dollar computer just to store (scratchless a couple hundred dvds . when I accomplish this low budget feel Ill be able t watch them even when this ps3 is obsolete. my pertainant problems are 1. how to get back to the comand page 2. how to find out whats already on this pc . 3. delete any personal stuff.4 get it to play dvds software to reformat to the ps3.6 start the slow process of transfering discs to hard drive. I f this pc can play a dvd?

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January 11, 2010 at 01:35:21

Youi mentioned a 1983 cobra. Besides being an automobile, is that the computer you're using? If so I'm not familiar with it. But if it's a 1983 computer it will definately not play DVD's. If it's not a 1983 computer but something newer you should probably post back specs on it--cpu, ram, etc.

I'm just saying that to do the stuff I think you're trying to do you're going to need a pretty good computer. Something probably no older than 6 or 7 years. You can't do it with a 25 year old antique.

And you definately can't do any of that with dos 6.20. As far as I know all the DVD software--playing, recording, converting--is all windows based.

I'm not sure either what you mean by 'command page'. When you boot up a dos computer you end up with a black screen with white lettering and a blinking prompt, well unless some shell software has been installed. But it's nothing like windows.

So go ahead and post back the specs on the computer you plan on using. If there's a miscommunication and it actually is newer then maybe something can be done.

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January 11, 2010 at 20:01:40

This is what info I can get out of the pc. ambios (c) 1993 american mega trends Inc.
opti 495xlc ver1.0 cobra rt computer by robotech Inc. 020096 kb ok .base memory 640 kb ext memory 19456 kb .cacheable ram address 64 mb ram options are 64 128 .256 .512 kb video bios area cacheable yes. And more stuff I can only guess at .ambios hard disc type c 47= user type. cyln 989 head 15 wpcom 65535 lzone 989 sect 56 size 406 mb . himen extended memory. windows smart drive.exe/x .
I entered the c:\>dir/a:h comand and got / volume in drive c is msdos6 volume serial# 26a4-0821. directory of c:\IO sys 40‚566 9/30/93. 6.20a . msdos sys 38‚138 9/30/93 6.20a . 2 files found 78‚704 bytes 215‚326‚720 bytes free. And rite now the pc monitor is waiting for a command ie c:\>
man I thank you for your help . scott.

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January 11, 2010 at 21:05:27

I guess this is it:

That takes a 486 cpu. That's the cpu that came before the first pentium. It's got 20 meg of ram and probably a 400 meg drive.

I am 100% cerrtain that you CANNOT use that computer to do what you want with the DVD's.

The dir/a:h just showed the 2 hidden system files. You can just type dir and enter at the c:\> prompt to look at the files and directories on the root drive. One directory will be called DOS and holds all the dos 6.20 files and commands.

It might have windows 3.1 on it. At the dos prompt type win and enter and see if it starts up. If you get a 'bad command or file name' message then it's not on there.

As far as removing the personal information left from the previous owner--there's probably not much there. Dos had no feature to uninstall programs. You just deleted them using the DEL command. I can't remember if windows 3.1 had an uninstall or not.

So you can play around with it as it is or sell it someone as a 'classic' computer. Some of those sell pretty good on ebay.

But you definitely can't use it for the DVD project.

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January 12, 2010 at 17:11:42

thank you again for the benefit of your expertice .the guy I got it from also gets 4'x4'x4`boxes of newer used computers to scrap out he has 5 matching towers all 2000 or newer I told him I would give him 25.00 apeace for the lot. they are working units that were donated . as for this old one he want 40$ for it with keyboard monitor printer mouse & an intel 144/144e rs232c .I dont think any of it helps me. So if you can use them I won't take them back. Anyhow I guess Ill work on a newer setup. the guy needs gas money to get a load of scrap to the yard 100mis away.
Again thank you very much for youre expertice .If you want any parts off any computers or old classic cars just email me @

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January 12, 2010 at 17:50:36

Yeah Scott, that thing is just too slow and memory challenged to have anything to do with a DVD. Something around a 300Mhz processor and a minimum of 64Mb memory should be considered bare minimum just to get a DVD or a CD burner to install and operate.

Win 3.x does not have an uninstaller built would need a third party program and it will only uninstall programs that are installed after that third party program is up and running...nothing installed before.


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January 12, 2010 at 18:09:38

This pc has games.and Idont know what all 2.0 . word perfect .And 12 other things.hey thank you .This is a lot of fun.I dont know who you are but I think your realy cool .scott.

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January 12, 2010 at 20:09:21

It's got windows 3.1 on it then? A lot of that old stuff works good you just can't expect it to do what modern software can.

Check the software you planned on using for the DVD and see what it requires in the way of cpu speed, ram and hard disk space. But a computer made in 2000 or newer would probably work.

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January 12, 2010 at 22:07:11

thanks man .I think I should get a newer set up. I would like to get miro free tv from around the globe there supposed to have 60k chanels.And I dont think this one will stream videos or tv.gaging by youre advise .It almost seems as though any pc is doomed to be outdated .Hey you mentioned selling this antique on ebay what about the 2000 and newer ones .Do you think complete working pcs for say 150$ would do any good.
Were always looking for an honest way to earn a buck in this little town . pop.700+/-.
well maybee I just think too much. Thanks again.scott.

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January 12, 2010 at 22:41:56

You'd have to have a pretty good description of those PC's if you sell on ebay--hard drive size, ram, cpu, type of optical drives, etc.

I'm guessing but if they're all setup and running and cleaned up, PC's of that age would go for $50 - $100. Actually, the dos 6.20 computer might go for that much too.

You should probably familiarize yourself with what's in the newer computers and check on ebay to see what similar items go for.

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January 13, 2010 at 00:36:49

Great advise ill do some research first. just what the pcs have in them .Monitor printers keyboard and mouse. then check ebay for comparisons. thanks again .scott.

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