Unwanted windows explorer automatic file copy

May 28, 2009 at 07:42:58
Specs: Windows XP
In response to old message:

"I work with a lot of digital photos. I take the photos and edit with Paint Shop Pro. Then I create thumbnails with Easy Thumbs and delete the orig picture as it is no longer needed. My camera is a Kodak easy share, but I don't ever use the software program that came with the camera because I like the results I get with Paintshop and Easy Thumbs. My system has decided to make automatic copies of any photo that I now try to delete from my file, and names them copy 1, copy 2, etc (I currently have approx 20 copies of the same pic in one file. What program could possibly be creating all these unwanted and unneeded copies that are now filling up my computer? Help please if anyone can. thecrzymom"


I spent some time trying to resolve this problem, and I'm posting here so anybody else who GOOGLEs for a solution will find this workaround.

These copies result from a windows "feature": when one or more files are selected, and you move the mouse even *slightly* over any of them with the left button depressed, windows explorer will initiate a copy to the currently selected directory

This can be *hugely* annoying if (as in my case) you might be selecting dozens of files at a time.

I've never found any way to prevent this, however one work around is to use the keyboard rather than a mouse: use the arrow keys to navigate between files, use the space bar to select a file, then use ctrl-c (copy) or ctrl-x (cut), navigate to the target location and ctrl-v (paste) to start cut/copy operation the operation.

For those used to using the mouse for these operations this may sound clumsy, but in fact if you're navigating between thumbnails it's really quite effective - especially compared to having to go back and delete a few hundred unwanted files.

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May 28, 2009 at 10:50:27
Thanks for the heads up. There is no need for you to quote the entire old message posted in THIS 2006 thread. Rather, you could have just pasted the url to it.


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