Safe way to cool CPU temp?

February 20, 2005 at 02:24:40
Specs: Windows XP, Presscott P4 550

Is it safe to turn off the smart fan in system BIOS? my computer kept getting really high temps from the CPU (I have a Presscott) but i found out one of the problems was the FAN in the back was only ever spinning at 750rpm, no matter how hot the CPU was getting.

So i turned off the smart fan option in BIOS, and now the fan has a speed of 4300rpm, is this a safe speed? it dosn't create much noise, so i thought its probably not over spinning.

Its not at that speed all the time, as i am using the speed fan v 4.21 to now control the fan speeds, and up the RPM when needed to cool the CPU. Mostly at about 2000rpm. Now getting Idle temps of 40 instead of about 58.

i don't know how much sense this post makes, but i simply don't have a clue about computers really, except from what i learnt of google, so just making sure i'm not breaking my machine or something!

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February 20, 2005 at 13:26:17

I don't have to much experience dealing directly with SmartFan, but I can tell you that
a decrease of 18C in your CPU temps is what you want..and you got it.

750rpm to 4300RPM? for some reason the fan was spinning alot slower with this BIOS setting enabled....that's wierd. 4300 is a safe speed, most CPU fans run somewhere in that ballpark unless a speed control is used.

MAybe someone with experience with SmartFan can provide more details but believe me, you want to turn this setting off if you CPU is 58C with it on, and 40C idle. 40C idle is a cool idle temp. For you not to know alot about PCs, you troubleshot this problem very well!

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February 21, 2005 at 07:16:57

The cpu fan may have a lower lifespan and it's louder but that's the only risk I see.

Compared to your former very high cpu temperature that's a very low price I think!

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February 21, 2005 at 09:53:14

Thank's for the feedback guys, i am glad i am probably not harming my computer long term. Shorter lifespan of the fan is a short price to pay for the potential risks of the heat i was getting from the CPU!

I am now running the Fan at just over 2000rpm, and i can get temps of 43 right now, with running all internet applications and playing music. from the web pages i read, i should be happy with that with a Presscott i assume??

Still would like to hear from anyone who's used smart fan long term?

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February 21, 2005 at 19:09:34

it prob wont even shorten the life of ur fan is stuppid and i would really always disable it if it is not to loud.

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March 6, 2005 at 00:04:47

If you want to lower your temps even more, check out a program called CPU Idle...i keep it constantly really drops my processor temps significantly. Try it out.


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