pc can't see cd rom

Dell / Optiplex gx1
January 10, 2009 at 18:24:40
Specs: win98se, 350/254
Initially it had a working Benq CD burner in it. I swapped out the Cd burner for a CD player(Creative) which also worked. I have 2 computers. So, I did the physical work(screwing) and that is all. Never used either. Anyways, when I went to turn on the Dell machine because it was given to me by my brother and I wanted to put XP into it off disc (firstly as the computer has been in the closet for a month unplugged) it asked for a password which I could not get past hitting the enter key....so I went to safe mode and kinda got inside and tried to find the password-that did not work and I could not access the cd rom from safe mode(so it said).
Ok, I tried thru DOS to find the .pwl file and did not luck out there. So, back into windows and into my control panel and found the CD rom and the Benq name(which at that time it was not the Benq cd rom in the machine. I had swapped it with Creative. I had not loaded a driver or anything. Didn't think of that.
But in my search for bypassing the password, pulled the battery out of the computer for 8 hours. Then reinserted the battery and could not get past the password thing again until I clicked on "Cancel" There was no password....but I was hitting enter and it considered that an attempt to gain access.
Hope you are with me.
I am in. It is Windows 98se which fires up OKay. It showed a cd rom in the control panel with a + sign in front and when I opened the + I see Benq CD burner. Well I nuked that...as I had the Creative CD player in there.
Now no cd player was showing at all. And I had hooked up the Creative the same way as the Benq.
>>>Around about this time is when the driver thing comes to mind. Well, this computer is not connected to the net so I am not going that route.

So, the Benq is returned to the original machine....in the hopes that there is some remanant of instruction of "seeing it". Nada. It flickers a bit-just to show it has power and then shuts off. I check "My Computer" and no CD rom is listed. I checked thru DOS using drive letters - again nothing.
I removed the IDE cable and swapped the ends around and replugged it back in. Still no go. I have a Win98 cd in there just in case it does start reading, but nothing. The IDE cable (that is the 4 pin cable, right?) goes on only 1 way because it has a release snap and grooves on the other side of the plug end.
I started the PC and then hit F2 and it shows me page one of two pages of info. On page one it
shows diskette Drive A 3.5
Drive B not installed
Zip A or B off
Primary Drive o-Auto
Drive 1 - none
Secondary Drive 0 - none
Drive 1-none

And that is about it. I do not know how to get to page 2 of the BIOS. Arrows, tab, ctrl I don't know. Nothing changes it. I was thinking the CD rom was on page 2.

Can anyone help? I am about to double check the IDE wire with an ohmmeter to be sure there is no break in the wiring. I do not know what else to do.

Oh, the Benq driver came off a Nero disk which I got.

whatcha gonna dew

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January 10, 2009 at 19:31:10
Your question(s) have absolutely nothing to do with CPUs or overclocking.

"Hope you are with me"

Nope, I have no idea what you're doing & apparently you don't either. You didn't explain why you switched the optical drives? Or if you checked the master/slave/cable select jumpers & set them accordingly? Or why you took the battery out for 8 hrs when the BIOS reset in a matter of seconds IF you do it correctly?

"The IDE cable (that is the 4 pin cable, right?)"

No, the IDE cable has 40-pins & either 40 or 80 wires. It's usually flat, about 2" wide & is referred to as a "ribbon cable". The #1 wire is identified by the red stripe running the length of the cable. It has to correspond to the #1 pin on both the board & the optical drive. On an IDE drive, the red stripe ALWAYS goes to the side closest to the power connection. If you connect the ribbon cable upside, none of the drives on that cable will be detected. I believe the 4-pin connector with "release snap and grooves on the other side" that you mentioned is for the audio connection. It hasn't been needed for almost 10 yrs. Also, optical drives don't need special drivers...they're already included in the operating system & they certainly wouldn't be on a Nero disc.

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