2.66ghz p4 vs 2.96 celeron d

Asus / Donno
ken January 24, 2009 at 01:22:35
Specs: Windows XP, p4 1.5gb
which one of these is better im running on the 2.66ghz p4 right now i just got it cuz i always thought p4 was better but what do you think for gaming sence i do alot of it?

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January 24, 2009 at 14:03:05
The P4.

Let us know what motherboard you have. Or, is it a manufactured system from hp or dell or another manufacturer?


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January 24, 2009 at 14:26:38
i got an asus mobo p4b533 478 socket, i have a celeron 2.9ghz, p4 2.8ghz, p4 2.66, p4 1.8, and p4 2.44 but the 2.8 ghz p4 doesnt seem to wanna work with my mobo =\

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January 24, 2009 at 15:18:28
The P42.8 is probably a 800Mhz processor and would be a waste on your board. If it ran at the 533Mhz the board is capable of, you'd have a 1.86Ghz machine.

The others work at either 400 or 533Mhz. The 533 in your P4B533 model number is the clue here.

That is however, a swell 533Mhz motherboard and a good overclocker.

Do you understand that Intel quad pumps their processor specifications? Like...

100Mhz=400Mhz=same thing
133Mhz=533Mhz=same thing

Your P4 1.8 = 100Mhz(400Mhz)x18 multiplier


Your P4 2.66 = 133Mhz(533Mhz)x20 multiplier


Your Celeron = 133Mhz(533Mhz)x22 multiplier.

For example, using your P4 2.66 the processor speed and overclocking settings are calculated by multiplying 133Mhz fsb times the processor multiplier.

P4 2.66 @ default is 133x20=2660Mhz

For the heck of it, lets say it'll run ok overclocked @ 160Mhzx20. Now you have a 3.2Ghz P4 as 160x20=3200.

Kinda gettin' the idea?


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January 25, 2009 at 10:01:27
i would love to overclock this but the fan i have in this is kinda like rigged its from a dell i had to bend the vents on the back of my case to make the clips fit, my case is a navigator case which has about 6-7 fans in it i donno if thats enough with the rigged cpu fan if it is ill do some research on ocing cause the extra boost would help me greatly also my cpu temp runs at a regular 42-50 not loaded just idle kinda with like only 1 firefox open.

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